About Us

As an internationally active and successful company with our own product development, specialist medical advice and our own laboratory, we are constantly striving to develop high-quality and effective products based on the latest state of skin research.

We specialize in products for non-invasive mesotherapy and anti-agin skin care.
We develop our products with the aim of improving our customers' treatment results and more than meeting their expectations.

Non-invasive mesotherapy is a treatment method that does not require any needles. By means of transdermal, electrical infiltration, cosmetic and pharmaceutical active ingredients are infiltrated directly into the skin, which was previously only possible with the help of needles and the associated pain and skin irritation. In this way, wrinkles can be smoothed, the tissue tightened and pigment disorders improved. The procedure is also used successfully for the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and for tightening the skin of the face as well as for local fat reduction.

To achieve these great, lasting results, you need great products.
Institute BCN prides itself on bringing you these products for your treatments.

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