The power of prebiotics BCN Prebiotics

bcn prebiotics
BCN Prebiotics is an essential aid for medical-aesthetic professionals as it maximises the benefits of in-office procedures and minimises any associated risks.

BCN Prebiotics is formulated with a combination of highly moisturising, antioxidant and anti-ageing active ingredients, as well as prebiotic active ingredients that help rebuild the skin microbiome while providing a nutritional boost to balance the skin. It improves the well-being and resistance of all skin types on a daily basis.

BCN Prebiotics is suitable for all skin types, especially those that have undergone aggressive medical-aesthetic treatments that can affect the balance of the skin microbiome.

The comprehensive composition of its formulas means that the BCN Prebiotics range has an action profile that goes beyond its prebiotic effect. Not only does it rebalance the skin microbiota, it significantly improves the skin’s overall condition, slows down its ageing, protects it from pollution and the environment, as well as providing instant comfort and gentleness.
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