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Welcome to our online shop! As an internationally active and successful company with our own product development, specialist medical advice and our own laboratory, we are constantly striving to develop high-quality and effective products based on the latest state of skin research.

We specialize in products for non-invasive mesotherapy and anti-agin skin care.
We develop our products with the aim of improving our customers' treatment results and more than meeting their expectations. To achieve these great, lasting results, you need great products. We are proud to be able to offer you these products for your treatmentsn.

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MESO PEN is an electronic microneedle mechanism that opens more than 1,000 microchannels per second in the skin. These cutaneous microchannels trigger the organism's innate response to initiate repair of the skin.
Without surgery and without injections!

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Use our Institute BCN Premium Mesotherapy Products - MESOCEUTICALS®

  • Sterile
  • highly tolerable
  • without preservatives
  • free from additives
  • fragrance free
The Institute BCN Premium Mesotherapy products are:

Eigenschaften der MESOCEUTICALS®

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